28th Musical Competition | 7th International Edition 2021



Nation and city: Denmark - Copenhagen
Conservatory: Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium
Instrument: Accordion

date of birth: 20/09/1998

Ratoi Radu (born 20 September 1998) is a Moldovian/Romanian accordion player. Winner of more than 30 national, international and mondial copetitions, such as Trophy and Coupe Mondiale, Castelfidardo, Klingenthal.
He started first school at 6 years old, and finished it at 15 years old in 2014 at School of Arts “Alexei Starcea”. First competition he won at 9 years old. After, he went to Centre of excellence in Artistic Education “Stefan Neaga”. In 2017 he won the prize for “Best student in Cultural activity of the year” from the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova.
In 2018 he got the prize from President of Republic of Moldova “Diploma of Excellence from President of Republic of Moldova”. After winning “Trophy Mondiale” in 2017, he became an “Official Artist for Hohner Music’’ and “Hohner France”.
He won competitions like: Coupe Mondiale, Trophy Mondiale, Klingenthal Accordion Competition, Arrasate Competition, International Accordion Competition Moscow and many others. Nowadays, he is studying in Copenhagen, Denmark at Royal Danish Academy of Music with professor Geir Draugsvoll.