28th Musical Competition | 7th International Edition 2021



Nation and city: Czech Republic - Prague
Conservatory: Pražská Konzervatoř

Pavla Tesařová
Instrument: Violin
date of birth: 26/05/1999

Michael Foršt
Instrument: Violin
date of birth: 28/12/1999

Matouš Hasoň
Instrument: Viola
date of birth: 22/04/2000

Martin Houdek
Instrument: Cello
date of birth: 05/09/1999

Ševčík Quartet was formed in June 2020 in Prague. The ensemble members are all currently in their final year of studies at the Prague Conservatory.
The members of the quartet are: Pavla Tesařová (1. violin), Michael Foršt (2. violin), Matouš Hasoň (viola) and Martin Houdek (cello). All members of the quartet are recognized as young talents of Czech classical music, especially Pavla Tesařová, a laureate of several international competitions.
Ševčík Quartet is developing under the guidance of members of some of the best Czech chamber ensembles, including Radek Křižanovský (who is also the quartet’s teacher on the Prague Conservatory) and Pavel Verner (both of Apollon Quartet), Tomáš Strašil (Bergerettes Trio), Štěpán Ježek (Bennewitz Quartet), Petr Holmann (Zemlinsky Quartet), Petr Verner (Dvorák piano quartet) and more.
The Ševčík Quartet focuses mostly on classical music of all eras, however, they aren’t opposed to venturing into jazz in the future.