Musical Competition


Welcome to the application form for the 26th Musical Competition - 5th International Edition 2017.

The instructions can be downloaded from the Competition page on the Società Umanitaria’s website.

Applications for the 26th Musical Competition - 5th International Edition 2017 have to be submitted only by filling in the form that can be entered from the homepage of the website Any other means of application will not be taken into consideration.

The form will be filled in by the Institute of the candidate. Each Institute will be given a username and a password via email to be able to access.

At any time during the filling in of the form, it is possible to go back to the previous sections. A draft application will be saved until it will be sent.

All information requested on the form is in keeping with the rules of the Competition stated in the official competition outline.

The form will be available from April 10th to May 10th 2017. After this deadline it will no longer be possible to access the form or to send applications via any other means.

The application form is divided into six sections.



INSTITUTION DETAILS: name, address, phone number and email of the contact person who the Società Umanitaria will communicate with for details concerning the Competition.
NAME OF THE CANDIDATE or THE ENSEMBLE specifying the number of members.

This section has to be filled in with the personal data of the candidate. If however the applicant is an ensemble, the form must be filled in with the personal details for each member of the ensemble.
Biography must be written in English and contain no more than 1200 characters, spaces included.
If soloists, the candidates have to specify if they need an official piano accompanist provided by Società Umanitaria or they are bringing their own. In the latter case they have to fill in the form with personal details of the accompanist.

The section outlining the programme to be performed consists of three fields:
  • Composer: specify only the surname, unless there is a namesake.
  • Title: full title of the composition. Pieces of the same work have to be written in the one field. The timing has to be written both for each single piece (in the title field) and for the entire length of the complete programme (in the time field).
    For entire compositions it is not necessary to specify the length of each single movement.
  • Time: the duration has to be in minutes rounded off to the nearest minute.
    (eg. “9” for 9 minutes and 30 seconds – “10” for 9 minutes and 31 seconds).
    As stated in the rules of the Competition, the total time must be at least 50 minutes but must not exceed 60 minutes. The online form automatically adds up the total length, if it is longer or shorter than required the online system will not proceed on to the next section of the form.

The form has to be completed with the attachment of the following documents:
  1. A photograph  (only in JPG format of maximum 2MB).
  2. Enrolment Certificate (for the Academic Year 2016/2017) from the applicant’s institution.
  3. Family Billeting Application Form. This has to be downloaded from the page of the Competition on Società Umanitaria’s website and has to be attached also if the contestant is going to organise his/her own accommodation (answering negatively to the relevant question).
  4. Letter of waiver for sound and video recording. This has to be downloaded from the page of the Competition on Società Umanitaria’s website.

Double check all the details entered on the form and submit. After the submission of the application, the candidate and the Institute will receive an email confirming that the application has been successfully received.
This email is the confirmation of enrolment into the Competition. Any further communication with the candidate and the Institution will take place via email using the addresses stipulated on the form.



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